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Hollywood’s Biggest Night

This year I decided to do something new.  I am going to have an Oscars party!  The night when the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences hand out their annual awards.

I have never hosted a party like this before but I thought it would be fun to capture all the glitz and glamour that is quintessential Hollywood.  I think there are many expectations when going to an Oscars party.  Should I put a red carpet out for my friends to walk down?  How formal or casual do I make it?  What food should I serve?  This will be the 90th year of the biggest entertainment awards show of the year. Since I was hosting the party, I wanted to make it memorable.


My favorite part of the Oscars is the fashion.  To the designer gowns that look amazing on the celebrities to the not quite so amazing gowns. 

We will celebrate Hollywood’s big night of pageantry as my friends will do their own voting on the celebrities for best hair, best dressed, worst dressed and best overall style.  We will also vote on the films for categories such as Best Visual Effects, Best Actor, Best Actress and of course, Best Picture.


Many of us watch the Oscars year after year not only to be entertained but to see our favorite celebrities.  We are hoping that our favorite movies and actors win one of those gold statues.  For me, it is purely entertainment value.  I love the unpredictableness about the evening.  I also enjoy the host of the Academy Awards.  They are always big names from recently Chris Rock to Neil Patrick Harris to earlier hosts such as Billy Crystal and David Letterman.  This year, Jimmy Kimmel will host the awards. The hosts play a big role in the success of the show.  Their comedic monologue and witty remarks are usually very entertaining.  I think my party will be such a hit that my guests will even stay for the Vanity Fair after party coverage.

A year ago,  I would have been pretty stressed about planning such a big party.  This year, with the Penless app, I have found it much easier to plan this event.  When I knew I wanted to throw this party, I started researching Oscar parties.  I got many ideas and added them to my idea board of the Penless app.  I knew I was not going to use all of these ideas but it was nice to keep them organized in one place.  I was able to put my guest list on the idea board also.  This was nice since I kept adding friends to the list.  I was able to organize my decorations, food I wanted to serve and any game ideas all on my Idea BoardOrganizing and planning a party has never been so easy!

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