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Finding the Right Shades

I am a sunglass aficionado and if there is anything I have learned, you get what you pay for sometimes.  In addition to fashion, sunglasses protect the eyes.

There are a lot of different kinds, from polarized to UV protection.

I have thought many times about getting some sunglasses for my girlfriend, but sunglasses are so personal and who do you really know that well that you feel confident enough to buy sunglasses for? Look at all the kinds Sunglass Hut has.

Image result

Even Oakley is loaded with styles.  That’s where Penless really comes in handy.  I put a pair of sunglasses on my wish list and my girlfriend put a pair, actually more than a pair, on her wish list.  The thing about the wish list is you can share item by item.  And if it is not a public item, but one that is restricted to an individual or group, Penless sends a notification, so that people know you have tagged them.  Isn’t that great?

Of course, let’s face it, as much as we may all enjoy sunglasses, there is sunglass etiquette:

I actually saw someone wearing sunglasses while he was surfing.Image result

That’s confidence for sure.  But I always wonder if that is a good idea.

Also, how long is it acceptable to wear sunglasses indoors?  And what about wearing them at night?  And or course under what condition can you wear them?  I did notice however that more people are wearing the kind of prescription glasses that become sunglasses when they walk outside and regular glasses indoors.  Or maybe I am just noticing it more.  Many designer manufacturers like Ray Ban provide sunglasses that are prescription and even the ones that Image resultchange indoor-to-outdoor are becoming more fashionable.

There are even websites now that recommend types of sunglasses for your face.

There are lots of different lanyards that people have to keep their glasses on their eyes. This is great for athletes.  From beach volleyball players to surfers, nothing is worse than dropping your sunglasses in the sand or worse, loosing them in the ocean.  Lanyards are a great way to keep your sunglasses on your face.

I encourage my friends to put that on their Penless wish list as well.  Because, I would think that if you wear that sort of thing, you might like to change it out as you go.  Surfers can have lanyards to match their wetsuit, and beach volleyball players can match their swimsuit.  So, anyway, using Penless, I think is a real advantage because even something as personal as sunglasses can become a gift from a friend or family member.  And what about accessorizing your sunglasses?  I know most people think it is the other way around, but now there are ways to make your sunglasses part of the outfit.  You should get the Penless app and use the wish list feature.  Next time friends and family buy you a pair of sunglasses, they will be exactly what you want!




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