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Some Top Places to Live

Thinking of a new place to plant your roots? While some are looking to live life in the suburbs, others prefer the beach, or the countryside. I have recently been thinking about moving somewhere new in hopes to find different opportunities and experience a new way of life! I decided to share my research in hopes that it can help you out too whether it is finding a new place to live or a place to vacation!


  1. Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas has been one of the top places to live in the United States for a couple years now. Many people are drawn to the capital for the cultural, music, and Texas food. The state of Texas was established in 1839 along the Colorado River. Austin is considered to be the Live Music Capital of the world having many local bands and many music venues. There is a huge music festival that is held every year called the Austin City Limits which is a two-weekend-long fall event hosting major headliners. In March, there is film festival known as the Austin’s Fun Fun Fun Fest that has become cherished as a pioneering festival of comedy and music.

  1. Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs may not have all the hype of other cities such as Denver but has just as much to offer. Colorado Springs  offers low unemployment, low cost of living, and many different recreation and entertainment options. This area attracts all sorts of individuals since it has a nationally ranked college and a military base. Schools, parks, and cultural attraction is great for kids bringing in many young families.

  1. Denver, Colorado

Denver has come a long way since it was first founded in the mid-1800s during the gold rush attracting gamblers then to people pushing for civil rights and drug laws. Denver is now known for its devout snowboard and ski enthusiasts. The city has a huge downtown with wonderful restaurants, shops, and enormous job market. The national average salary is $47,230 where Denver’s annual salary sits higher at $53,060 per year.

  1. Des Moines, Iowa

Des Moines is the capital of Iowa making it a popular place to raise a family. There are quiet neighborhoods built in the 1900s that sit just outside downtown. The outskirts of downtown attract many families where the heart of downtown   brings the millennials and younger crowd. Des Moines is growing which continues to make developments pop up of new condos, neighborhoods, restaurants, etc.

  1. Fayetteville, Arkansas

This is one that you may not have thought of. Fayetteville, Arkansas has been experiencing drastic growth over the past couple years. By expanding Fayetteville and the surrounding cities, they are now known for having culture, higher education, business, and an increased job market. People often visit and comment on the towns friendliness of the residents. There are many nonprofit organizations that people from the community volunteer at making nonprofits in Fayetteville very successful. Having many activities to participate in, Fayetteville is located in the Ozark Mountains which attracts people who love to do things outdoors

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