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Penless and the Royal Caribbean

When summer rolls around, there is no better place to relax than going on a cruise vacation. My friends Alex and Janice have convinced me to take a cruise this summer but they know that I do get sea sick which has made me timid the past few years to set sail again. I told them the only way I will join them is if the ship is big enough to where I cannot feel any movement of the ship while at sea. They exceeded my expectations!

The cruise line we will be going on is the Royal Caribbean. The name of the ship is called Allure of the seas, it is 1,187 feet (or 362 meters)  long which makes it the biggest ship in the world! Its sister ship is the Oasis of the seas, which is 1,187 feet long (or 360 meters), only 2 inches shy of the Allure of the seas, but still classified as the second largest ship in the world. The ship will take us to the Eastern Caribbean and it will stop in three locations: St.Kitts, Bahamas, and St.Thomas. All three of these locations are going to make for great videos in which I will post on a Penless sticker to send to my family back home.

In St.Kitts, we do not have any set plans yet so most likely we will end up relaxing on the beach and eating some good food. The white sand beaches will be the perfect picture opportunity to attach to a Penless sticker. My sister has been talking about going to a tropical island for a while now, so I am planning on buying her a t-shirt in which I will attach a picture of the beach to the Penless sticker I will give her.


In the Bahamas, my friends and I want to tour the island with a guide. We are hoping to visit historic landmarks as well as some hidden gems. One of the places I have heard about a lot is called the Queens Staircase. Not only have a few of my friends told me about it, but I have read about it in books and online. I will definitely take a video of myself walking down the Queens     Staircase and attach it to a Penless sticker. At the end of the day, my friends and I are going to relax on the beach and hopefully watch the sun go down before the ship sets sail again.

Our last stop is St.Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. I have heard great things about this piece of paradise. While we are here, we are going to have a guide take us on a speed boat to saint Johns. We will also go snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters of the Virgin Islands. I have heard stories through trip advisor about how clear the water is and how much marine life you are able to see. I am hoping to catch a turtle or pools of fish swimming by on video! I bought a waterproof case just for this so I am hoping it goes to good use! One of my cousins is studying marine biology at the University of Hawaii so I will make sure to send her a Penless sticker of the marine life I see.

The trip is going to be so much fun and I cannot wait to go on a new adventure with my friends! Penless will capture all the amazing moments, document all the good food, and seize the moment anywhere I go.


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