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Seaport Village

There are an abundant number of things to do while at Seaport Village in San Diego, California. From the different shops, to dining on the water, to the fun activities, someone can spend a whole day down there. My husband and I decided to take a day trip to Seaport Village last Saturday. We thought we would only spend a few hours but ended up spending the day there. We got to Seaport Village after breakfast around 11am. My husband loves to fish so we spent about two hours fishing. After fishing, we got lunch at the San Diego Pier Café which is located over the water! The majority of the San Diego Pier Café is seafood, but they do have a few non-seafood options as well! After lunch, we decided to walk around the different water front shops. These shops range from galleries, apparel, body care, and sports shops. We didn’t know this, but almost every Saturday there are events held at Seaport village. While we were there we came across the “international save a vaquita day”. This is a day that is was dedicated to learning more about how you can help save one of mammals more endangered creatures. By the time we were done with that it was dinner time so we stopped by Asaggio Pizza Pasta Plus because the reviews said it was best known for serving the ultimate Chicago deep dish pizza and also the perfect spot to enjoy the San Diego sunset. Since we were out and about we thought we might as well get some desert after dinner. We stopped by Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream which is located in the heart of Seaport Village. My husband and I barely made a dent in Seaport Village and we were able to spend a whole day there. While we were there, we got some recommendations on other restaurants, shops, and activities to do while we were there that we plan on doing next time.

Some of the recommendations include:




Greek Islands Café – Serves Greek delicate, delicious lemon chicken, spinach/cheese pie, and the world’s best baklava. Located in a spot where you can enjoy the San Diego Sunset.


San Diego Burger Company  – Serves all different types of burgers including: beef, turkey, garden, buffalo, or ground sirloin. Delicious fries and onion rings are also available.


Harbor House – This bay view dining restaurant is more on the expensive side but caters for people who love seafood and steak. From crab legs, to an oyster bar, to filet mingon, this restaurant can find something for everyone.




Del Sol – This is a unique shop was first known for its changing color in nail polish when it would hit UV light. Now, this company sells casual clothing, Frisbees, accessories, and more that all change color when brought into the sunlight.


Cariloha- This brand has grown since 2007 to provide natural luxury. The majority of their merchandise is made from eco-friendly bamboo to join the style of the Caribbean with the Spirit of Aloha.


Best of San Diego- I personally love going into small tourist shops because you get to see what your city has to offer. This small shop lets you bring home a little piece of San Diego with you.




By the Sea – From walking from one destination to the next, you are bound to see many different outdoor stands with different attractions. From about half a football field in length we saw creative artist that draw people, dogs, etc. We saw people getting hennas done and a balloon artist. The list goes on with all the different stands you can find throughout Seaport Village.


Event Calendar – If you check out the Seaport Village event calendar, you can look through all the different events they host such as Bit of Greece, International Save The Vaquita Day, and Big Bay Boom Fireworks 2018.

With the Penless Beach Postcard , you can easily share with friends and family a digital experience. This postcard lets you share a video instead of a simple picture. It was fun to share our experience we had at Seaport Village with our families.

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