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Top Ski Resorts

Growing up my family and I loved to go skiing every year. I was the youngest of four kids so it was always a blast whenever we got to go. Our favorite time to go was during Christmas break because everywhere would have Christmas decorations, it would be snowing, and all around you could feel the Christmas spirit. Back when I was in elementary school we use to go to Sundance Ski Resort in Utah. Once I hit middle school we decided to expand our horizon and try out different ski resorts to find our favorite one! We went all over the United States from California, to Idaho, to Michigan! Our all-time favorite was Utah because that is where we have our best childhood memories. It has always interest me to explore the best ski resorts of the world. I have done tons of research and would love to share what I have learned and where I plan to travel to!


First on the list is Revelstoke, British Columbia . Although it is hard to get to, Revel has gorgeous trees and is very well maintained. Since it is not the easiest to get to, whenever there is fresh snow it is not that busy. The snow is much lighter than usual making the extra effort to get to Revel worth it.


The second place I would love to travel to in the winter is Zinal, Switzerland. This mountain contains the Swiss charm while the other two mountains, Zermatt and Verbier, tend to get over crowded by locals and tourist. The village contains traditional wooden chalets with rustic restaurants. Snow is great here and not many lines making Zinal fun and relaxing.


Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy  is number three on my list. This mountain tops as one of the most beautiful mountains of the world. There are many ski resorts close by but this one has an old-town feel which makes it top on my list. The slopes are not too steep making it best for people who want to take time to enjoy the view.

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The fourth ski resort I would love to travel to is La Clusaz, France. This ski resort feels like a secret spot for France locals. It is more advance with many freestyle slopes which is why the majority of people who go are France locals who have grown up skiing. Other than major holidays, you will hardly find anyone on the mountain.


Last on my list is Telluride, Colorado. This is known as, “skiers’ paradise”. The San Juan Mountain is cutting edge with steep and sharp slopes lasting 4,000 meters. Although this mountain is great for highly trained skiers. It also offers slopes to family and intermediate skiers as well. This mountain is also surrounded by a mining town. This old-town is a must.


My family are I plan to do a family reunion at one of these gorgeous ski resorts. We will most likely pick Telluride, Colorado considering it would be the easiest. It would be so nice to eventually check off every place on my ski list. Since we are taking our family reunion around Christmas time, we plan on sending Penless’ post cards to our family of us skiing, of the town, etc. We have never sent Penless post cards to our family before so this new experience would let us have some fun rather than the typical post card.

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