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Taco Tuesday

Mondays can be rough, reminder of the full week ahead and back to reality, but they don’t have to be that bad.  Just think of it as one day closer to Tuesday… and Tuesdays mean tacos!  Yea it’s the beginning of the week, but one way to start it off strong is with a get together with some good company to enjoy some delicious tacos.  What better theme for a day of the week than tacos?  This is not just some made up thing, somewhere along the line Tuesday became almost like a national holiday in celebration of tacos and many people celebrate it religiously. Restaurants take full advantage of this, advertising deals every Tuesday on tacos and beverages.  Personally, I have to go with the classic carne asada tacos and I don’t hold back from any of the toppings or salsa.

What better way than to send out an invite to a group of your closest friends/colleagues to celebrate Taco Tuesday than by getting a little creative with the Penless app and throwing a taco sticker on there?  Maybe you’re one of those people that can’t celebrate every Tuesday, but maybe Penless can help you and your friends get together once a month or so and enjoy the upside of Tuesdays.

The beginning of the week doesn’t have to be so bad anymore thanks to Penless, good friends, and some tacos!


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