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Red Roses, Red Roses

With Christmas behind us, we should start getting excited about February’s big day.  Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Many of us love Valentine’s Day.  From the gifts to the chocolates to the candlelight dinners.  In years past, I have noticed that the more thought I put into a gift, the more my Valentine appreciates it.  Sure, she loves the jewelry or other gifts I can buy, and certainly loves the nice dinners, but a few years ago, I started making sweet treats for her and she absolutely loved it.  Yes, it did take more time looking up recipes, buying the ingredients and actually baking or putting the treat together.  But, it is all worth it when I see how delighted she is when knowing that I put time and effort into her gift.  Who doesn’t like being the recipient of a thoughtful gift?  And, what better way to say “I love you” than treats made from the heart.  Of course, I always accompany the treats with a dozen beautiful red roses to top off the gift.  I do get lots of ideas for treats since I want to make something different every Valentine’s Day.  The best place for me to keep my ideas is on my Idea Board of the Penless App.  With the Idea Board, I can accumulate all my recipes and other cute ideas I have and keep it all in one place.  Great way to keep organized!!   I will look for recipes throughout the year and save it on the Idea Board.  Once February rolls around, I don’t have to frantically look for the next treat I want to make.  It is all on my phone.

Since my Valentine loves chocolate, I am making a Gooey, Decadent Chocolate Cake.  To make it more festive for the holiday, I am topping it with red, juicy raspberries.

Of course, I can always make the timeless chocolate dipped strawberries which are always a big hit.



I have enjoyed seeing how appreciative my Valentine is when she receives my homemade goodies.  I have even now made treats for my nieces and nephews.  Since they are still young, I made them heart-shaped rice krispies treats.  I topped them with pink icing and added shaved white chocolate on the top.  I have to admit, I saved a few for myself J.  My nieces and nephews thought the treats were so good, they gobbled them up.

My Valentine has gotten so use to me making something sweet for her each year that I could never go back to the traditional box of chocolates.  I now have to be creative every year and think of new ways to surprise her with tasty treats.  At least I have the Idea Board on the Penless App.  It makes this holiday pretty stress free.  I already have ideas for next year that will be sure to please her sweet tooth!


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