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Sandy Shores and Powered Mountains

I think we all can agree that when we are traveling, or just enjoying a nice little vacation we can forget to check in with everyone back home.  Whether we are somewhere on a beach (my personal favorite), in the mountains (close second), or touring the streets of a foreign country, but sometimes our new ways of communication just aren’t as strong. I say that because throughout my trip, cell service was not very reliable.  It was last year when I was on of my favorites trips that I have ever taken, I went around surfing and snowboarding with a couple close friends.

That’s the cool thing about southern California, there are times throughout the year you are able to surf one day and hit the mountains the next.  Some people are even able to do both in one day if they take off early enough to get a head start.  On our trip I had some pretty cool footage of my buddies and I surfing and going down the mountains and I wanted to check in with some family back home.  This is where the bad service started to kick in.  Didn’t think it was that big of a deal, so my friends and I continued to enjoy ourselves and checked out a couple of gift shops.  That’s where we saw these cool Penless postcards and stickers.  But they aren’t just any ordinary postcards where you write a little something and sign your name, they allow you to add cool little video clips to them as well.  I thought of how cool it would be to take a couple videos of us surfing and snowboarding and be able to attach it to the postcards. It really brought the card to life and my family was able to somewhat see for themselves just how much fun I was really having.

We were really happy we got introduced to Penless and plan on using the app more on future trips that we take.





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