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Someone Special

My girlfriend and I have been together for a couple years now so for our anniversary I had to make sure I did something special.  I had something good in mind but I also wanted to make sure I had a heart felt gift in there because she is a sucker for the small things that tug at the heart.  It is a good thing I can get inside information on how a girl thinks because I have a sister.  We’ve had our disagreements over the years but I knew that they would pay off in times like these.   We were tossing around ideas when we agreed that one sounded really good.  We decided we were going to incorporate the Penless app someway somehow.  Let me tell you, I’m glad I did because she loved it!  After our day together we got back to her house and that’s when I gave her the little scrapbook/photo album of us over the past couple years.  But that wasn’t her favorite part, I had added a few of the Penless heart stickers https://www.penless.com/new/product/heart-sticker-pack/ on some of the pages and attached some of the cool videos we had created over the years.  We had gone on some pretty cool adventures, and it was just the perfect thing to tug at her heart strings.  We were able to relive the moments together thanks to the help from Penless (and my sister) and it was safe to say we hit it out of the park!

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