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Forget Me Nots

Forget me nots are a type of flower I think.  Oh wait, there are about seventy-four variations of the flower and hundreds waiting to be included.  There is a long and rich history to forget me nots.

They are a symbol of love and such.  So, what does Penless and forget me nots have to do with each other?  Nothing I suppose, but only in my mind. When I would be in a store or shopping on the web, I would say to myself if I saw a gift for myself or a friend, “Forget me not”, but of course whenever a person’s birthday or Christmas would come by, I would have of course forgotten about it.  I would remember that I needed something to remember, but the item and where I saw it always escaped me.


And then Penless came along and I saw in My Stuff a great feature, the wish list.  I use my wish list for everything.  If there is a gift that I want to get for someone else, I use wish list to record the gift.  I could also post it to my Idea Board.  But either way, I have captured the picture and the idea.  So, when that special day arrives, a birthday, a holiday, and anniversary, you name it, and whether it is mine or someone else’s, I am prepared.


Then if the gift is for someone else and it is something that requires a size, if that friend has Penless, I can find his or her size on the app.  To be honest with you, sometimes I even forget some of my sizes, but that is just between you, Penless and me!

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