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Euros & Europe

With miles of open land, coastline, historical monuments, and much more to see, the cobblestone streets of Europe are always crowded with locals and tourists from around the globe. Being from the states, I have always loved to fly out to Europe and visit all the connecting countries. Since Europe has great public transportation it is easy to take small trips from place to place. From trying all the unique flavors Europe has to offer and meeting people from all walks of life, every trip brings a new adventure.

One of my favorite places to visit would have to be Italy. Not only do they offer the best Italian cuisine, the views along the coast are remarkable. Last time I went to Italy, we drove up and down the Amalfi coast making many pit stops along the way for picture opportunities. While in Italy we decided to take a mini trip to Rome to see the Colosseum, Forum, and the Vatican. We spent to whole day walking all around the crowded streets of Rome trying to see everything all in one day.  Since we didn’t have enough time in the day to see everything we wanted to see, we definitely have an excuse to go back!


The next day, we went to Pisa and Florence. Seeing the leaning tower of Pisa has been something I have always wanted to see in person. When we finally arrived, the first thing I noticed was all the tourist putting their hands up in a slanted position in hopes that it looked like they were holding the tower up in their picture. We only had about 45 minutes in Pisa so it was just enough time to see the tower, take a picture (that I uploaded on a Penless postcard), do some shopping, and grab a snack before we had to drive to Florence. In Florence, we had some of the best pasta and gelato I have ever tasted. After a big meal, we walked around and bought souvenirs for our friends and family back home. It was such a pretty city with buildings looking as if they were from a movie scene. The streets were crowded with people stopping to admire the artwork and taking pictures.


With all the views and food of Italy, it gave me many opportunities to take pictures and videos for a Penless sticker. I took about a dozen to send out to my friends at home. I attached most of them to gifts and souvenirs I have bought while in Italy. I cannot wait to go back next year and continue my adventure though Italy.

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