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Planning the Perfect Baby Shower

Today is the day my best friend Stacy is having her baby shower! We have been friends since first grade and have always went to the same school growing up and even were roommates in college! It just so happened that our jobs we both got were local so we only live a few minutes apart from each other. Since we have known each other for so long, I have offered to throw her a baby shower.

She is having a girl so I have to buy a lot of pink decorations! I am thinking about buying pink and rose gold balloons, white tablecloths with pink flowers in the center of each table, pink streamers for the door, and a personalized sign with the baby’s name on it. A lot of the food will be pink such as pink frosting on the mini cupcakes, pink frosting on the sugar cookies, and of course a big pink cake! Besides all the pink desserts, I also got a chocolate fountain where you can dip strawberries in, a cheese and cracker table, a drink bar, and mini sandwiches!


I am trying to plan activities for the baby shower and some ideas are:

  • Cookie decorating
  • Guess the baby food
  • 20 questions

We will make sure to have time for socializing and opening gifts. I am thinking the party will last about 3 hours. After the party, I will give the guests little goody bags for showing up! I bought pink cups filled with chocolates, and a Penless sticker with a picture from the baby shower! Penless has a different sticker designs that I bought specifically for the baby shower. The onesies and teddy bear stickers are perfect. Each guest will either get one of those two sticker designs.


This baby shower should have a lot of guest attending therefore I will need to buy plenty of food and drinks so we will not run out! During the shower I will be taking lots of pictures because I am going to surprise her with a photo book. I am excited to help with everything and even more excited for my friend to have her baby!



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