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Lace up your Hiking Shoes

Lately I have been going on many hikes in my area with my family. Since I have three kids, it is a nice and healthy way to get them out of the house. We live in Southern California along the coast so there are many pretty hikes we enjoy going on. Every week or two we try and find a new hike to go on. Our friends and family normally have some pretty good recommendations. Typically we stay on the hiking trails that are closer to the beach such as San Clemente, Laguna Beach and Dana Point.


In San Clemente, some of our favorite trails are: Sea Summit Trail, Pico Park Sea Summit,  Knob Hill, and Las Ramblas trail. All these hikes are gorgeous! They are filled with greenery and some even lead to an ocean view. The ones that take us to an ocean view are always captured by our cameras to put on Penless Stickers. My kids favorite stickers to put pictures and videos on are the sea animals.


In Laguna Beach we like to do the Laguna Beach cliff hike, and go to the Laguna Beach Wilderness Park where there is some really great hiking! After hiking in Laguna we always go downtown to get food. My kids also like to stop and the candy store or chocolate factory for a treat! Its normally pretty good weather by the beach because we leave early enough so it’s not too hot, especially in the summer


In Dana Point we like do grab breakfast at the harbor then go on our hike. The Sycamore Creek Trail is always a good hiking path. We also go to Dana Point Bluff Top Trail which leads to a beautiful view of the ocean and boat docks. The view is a perfect opportunity for a to take a picture for a Penless sticker. After hiking, my kids always like to go back to the harbor for some ice cream. There is an ice cream shop right on the harbor, next to the bagel shack we go to for breakfast. Sitting outside on the harbor is so relaxing before and after the hike.

My family and I just got into hiking not too long ago, so we are still searching for more trails to go on around the area. We love starting our mornings off with exercise and family bonding. In the summer time we did a few sunset hikes which were always very pretty. Due to our busy schedules it’s easier to do morning hikes during the year and on the weekends. We are so excited to explore more trails and capture every one of our favorite hikes on Penless stickers.

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