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A Day at the Zoo

Summer season is in full swing and I have promised my kids a trip to the San Diego Zoo so it’s about time we plan a day to go! My children want to see all the animals in the zoo so I am hoping we can at least see most of them. We are leaving pretty early in the day to make sure we can spend the whole day at the zoo in order to see as much as possible. I had my son and daughter pick out one must-see animal in case we don’t have time to see every exhibit.

My son Sam wants to see the Red Panda. Red Pandas eat bamboo and they originated from Asia. The Red Pandas have a white face and red coat making camouflage easy for their mossy, bamboo environment. Red Pandas are excellent climbers. Their flexible ankles allow them to climb up and down trees without a problem. We are looking forward to catching a video of them running down a tree that we can attach to the Penless animals stickers!

My daughter Gabby is most interested in seeing the koalas. Apparently the San Diego Zoo has a very large koala colony. They increasingly grew at a high rate ever since their first koala pair in 1925. Since the males are more territorial than females and joeys, they are kept separated in their own areas. Eucalyptus trees are home to koalas inside and outside the San Diego Zoo. Their sharp claws allow them to climb up and down these trees. Not only are the eucalyptus trees and good home to koalas, the leaves provide a good food source for them as well as enough moisture so they do not have to drink much at all. Because the koalas like to hide in the trees for most of the day, we hope they come out so a second or two so we can take a picture for a penless sticker!


Although it took a little convincing, my older son who is in college has decided to come with us! The animal he picked to see is the monkey, which is one I was really looking forward too as well. The monkeys are so interesting always entertaining to watch. At the San Diego Zoo they are some of the most rare and endangered species. Some of the different species we will encounter include: lesser spot-nosed monkeys, capuchin monkeys, colobus monkeys, and northern black-crested mangabeys are all in the same exhibit. There are other exhibits at the zoo with even more varieties of monkeys as well which we may or may not see.


I haven’t been to the zoo in a while and I know my kids have been wanting to go! We will probably go within the next week or two. We will have to share our whole experience through Penless Stickers.The animal stickers are going to be perfect!  My kids have been doing a lot of research on what animals they want to see and already looking at the weather forecast to pick the best day possible! This is going to be a summer highlight for the whole family.




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