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Sweet Treats

My two brothers and one sister are staying with me for the weekend! I thought it would be a fun idea to visit a chocolate factory. Along the tour I took a lot of pictures so I can attach them to Penless stickers! When my siblings leave at the end of the weekend, I was going to attach the stickers onto a souvenir for them to take back home! While at the chocolate factory, I was going to buy some chocolates for my nieces and nephews so my sister and brother can take them home to their kids!

My favorite chocolate is dark chocolate. It has many health benefits as well!  It contains many nutrients such as iron and fiber. Dark chocolate is a good source of antioxidants and lowers blood pressure. Many also say it may even protect you against some types of cancer. Improvements of cognitive functions is another benefit to eating dark chocolate. Overall, since dark chocolate is very nutritious, I eat it every night.


It was such a fun and delicious day at the chocolate factory! I am so glad my siblings got to go on this adventure with me. I have always wanted to visit a chocolate factory due to my chocolate addiction. I learned so much about chocolate and tried so many new flavors. I definitely bought enough to last me a few weeks. I bought a lot of dark chocolate, which goes without saying. I also bought the milk chocolate and white chocolate flavors as gifts! I am currently in the process of attaching Penless stickers to the chocolates. I can’t wait to give these gifts to everyone!


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