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Dog Days


We have a family dog who is a male labradoodle named Cody. He loves anything to do with treats or walks. My kids are trying to teach him new tricks as he gets older. He already knows “sit,” “paw,” and “shake.” A new trick that my kids are trying to teach him is “roll over.” But no matter what the trick is, learned or in the process of learning, if you do not have a treat in your hand, he will not obey. Therefore, he eats a lot of treats per day. But other than that, he learns pretty fast and is easy to train.


When he was younger, we had a dog trainer come to our house to teach him the basics such as sit and stay. We also had rules such as: the dog is not allowed upstairs, he is not allowed on the furniture, he has to sleep in a crate, and no human food. Well, turns out little by little we let things slide. Now he is always running up and down the stairs, sleeps on the couches or beds, and we always give him a little bit of food while we eat dinner. It’s too hard to say no so we just go with it. He is the perfect family dog because he loves the company of people!


He is a really good dog and doesn’t shed at all which is a plus! It’s easy to maintain and is very kid friendly. Cody is about 40 pounds which is a good size for our house. Labradoodles are a generally healthy breed and live to about 12-14 years old. They do require exercise because labradoodles tend to have lots of energy! That’s why we take Cody on morning walks to start the day and a trip to the park to end the day! He loves running around and chasing the kids at the park. Even if you just say “walk”, “park” or even just take the leash out, he will jump and get all excited. Its super cute to watch.


Throughout the years of owning a dog, we have taken many pictures and videos. Now I attach all the pictures and videos I take to Penless stickers! Penless has cute paw stickers that I like to use and I send them to all the dog-lovers I know! I am so excited to use Penless and share the journey of Cody through the years of growing up and learning new tricks. So far I have attached the stickers to gift cards and cards when I go to parties or events. I always get the most positive feedback whenever I send out a paw QR code sticker because almost everyone I know loves dogs and pets. Some of my friends even ordered them as well as the other unique designs Penless has to offer!

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