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Endless Summer

Growing up by the coast, I have always had a vast variety of beaches to go and surf at year round. I have always loved Laguna Beach, especially the private beaches within Laguna because they are a lot less crowded. I also like San Clemente. The waves are normally pretty good! I also like walking around Del Mar and all the shops/ restaurants around town. Dana Point is perfect to get brunch or dinner on the harbor. The view is so pretty and it’s also a popular fishing spot!


In Laguna, I love to go to Thousand Steps beach, which is a public beach but has great waves! I also like going to the private beach, Three Arch Bay. It normally is not too crowded, and it is super gorgeous. At Three Arch Bay, the waves tend to be more mellow so I usually just tan and relax by the water, Lastly, whenever I have guests over that are not from the area, I like to take them to Monarch Beach, which is a very picturesque location. The beach is a little bit more rocky than the others, but it’s a beautiful spot to take pictures. They host many weddings there because of the stunning backdrop that Monarch Beach has to offer.

I love San Clemente because not only do they have great beaches and a pier, they also have an assortment of restaurants nearby and shopping. T-street beach is a beach within San Clemente, which is popular for surfing and a great place for a bonfire at night. T-street beach is also right by San Clemente pier.


Dana Point is one of my favorite places to walk around. They have a nice harbor with shops and restaurants. During the winter time, they decorate the harbor with an abundance of lights and decorations. It’s really neat to walk around and look at the ocean themed lights. It attracts a ton of people from all over. Other than the lights in the winter, boating is very popular since Dana Point has a harbor.


I am so glad that I live so close to all of my favorite beaches. Sometimes when I am at the beach, I attach a picture onto a penless sticker and send it to a few of my family members and friends. Penless has some cute beach stickers which are perfect! I also like to buy the pineapple and flamingo stickers because it reminds me of summer. With Penless, I can have an endless summer and keep/ share all my favorite memories!



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