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The Thought that Counts


With Penless it is always The Thought That Counts.  But here is the difference between a Penless giver and everyone else: Often when you hear the term, “Well it is the thought that counts,” it comes with a measure of disappointment.  It is a tagline for a gift that didn’t quite measure up.

According to the term is “Used to indicate that it is the kindness behind an act that matters, however imperfect or insignificant the act may be:”when people give you things that you don’t want, you must remember that it’s the thought that counts’”

With Penless however, “It is precisely the thought that counts,” in a way that insures you get precisely the gift you want, and that is because the measuring all comes up front with Penless.  From the moment a gift is conceived to the messaging that goes with it, every act is laid out to a perfect ending.

My favorite part of the Penless app is the way that it improves my shopping experience in the stores.  I am not much of an online shopper.  I never have been.  I am just the kind of person that likes to see what I am buying or might buy.  In fact, I go shopping often and it is mostly browsing.  I am a mall aficionado.  And most apps do little if anything to improve the in store experience, until the Penless app came along.  I am a heavy user of the Wish List because all I need to do is take a quick picture and then fill in the details later if I want.  I will make a note on my Wish List who I am thinking about for this gift.  And I can compare the item to my friend’s Wish List. I can even start with the Idea Board and then move items I want to consider more seriously to my Wish List.  And everything is saved in the Penless cloud.  All this is under an area of the app called My Stuff.  In addition to a Wish List there is a part of My Stuff called sizes.  You can keep a list of your sizes right on the app.  You can also list friend’s sizes if they don’t have the app.  But if they don’t have the app, you probably should tell them to get it, because it is free.

Tyler had a different spin on it. He quipped that “it is the thought that counts” as long as the thought comes along with a pair of really cool Ray Bans like the ones at Nordstrom.

Very funny Tyler, but the point is that Penless has found a better way to make the whole gifting experience better through a number of features.

A second feature is central to Penless and has to do with a unique features of the app that you can share with friends and family.  It is a really slick messaging feature that is totally unique.  It allows a cell phone to record videos and pictures and then attach them onto QR codes that can affix to greeting and gift cards, and gift labels and presents.  It is an easy and fun way to make a gift as personal as it is memorable.

So Tyler, if you really want those Ray Bans, I better see them on your Wish List first.  And then I will consider it. And in any event, I will include a really fun message using Penless all the way!

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