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Just Because

I call Penless my #JustBecause app for two reasons.  First, I love to get personal mail through my mail box and Penless has this really fun messaging feature.  I have never seen anything like it.  You can use your phone to put a video or picture onto the QR Code of a Penless Sticker and attach it to a letter, gift labels, gift cards, greeting cards and postcards. It is really a different way to send a card or message, because in addition to telling somebody what I am thinking, feeling or seeing, I can show them.  It is a whole new dimension.  I put my electronic images on a GoAnywhere sticker, and the sticker really does go anywhere.  This is the best scanning technology I have ever used.  I can write on a QR Code as well as read one.  As my friend says, these are QR codes with a high IQ.


The second reason that Penless is my #JustBecause app is that my friends and I are always looking on the web for stuff.  I am not necessarily going to do anything with My Stuff.  At least I am not going to do anything right away.  I am not even shopping.  I am only viewing it.  I just want to look at it and use it for ideas.  Inside the Penless app in a space called My Stuff they have an idea board that is perfect for this.  Everybody gets one in the app.  It is especially useful to me because if I take a picture or a screen shot and put it on my idea board, the image is saved on the Penless cloud. It does not use any of my phone’s memory.  That is a great idea.  I wonder if I can put that idea on my idea board. The other thing is that if I am on the web and save an image, it saves the link so I can go back to the spot where I got the image to begin with.  And the standard cropping feature lets me narrow the image to just the things I want on a page.


And then there are those spontaneous days.  The days I take a picture here and there, #JustBecause I see something or someone I like.  And the day does not always start out that way, but many days end up like that because as I look around I see so many things that interest me.  I may see someone wearing a dress or jewelry I want, and I can save an image of it on the Penless cloud using my phone.  I can take a lot of those kinds of pictures in a day, in a month, in a year.  And it all stays available to me for later, #JustBecause on the Penless cloud.  It’s just My Stuff.


Penless is a game changer because no other app does more to make a #JustBecause moment last.  What is your #JustBecause moment?  You should capture it on Penless.  And then when you have time, if the moment is really special, share it with a friend using the Penless QR code writer and the Go-Anywhere stickers.


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