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Rainy Days

Rainy days are either people’s favorite type of day or least favorite type of day. There is rarely any in-between. If you are like me, I find rainy days to be very boring because the only thing I can think of to do is go shopping. It is also hard because I have two small kids that love to play outdoors. Since rainy season is hitting, I have tried a couple new things to make rainy days more enjoyable. In order to do what I would like to do; I must occupy the kids first!

My kids love to make an at home cinema. They start by making a fort. In the fort, they lay down blankets and pillows to make it comfy and cozy. After that, they pick out the movie they want to watch, and I bring them hot chocolate and popcorn. This entertains them for a couple hours so I can get some cleaning and any laundry I need to get done. The next thing they love to do on a rainy day is an indoor treasure hunt. This is a little more time consuming on my part, but the kids love it, so it is worth it! I make things for them to find, riddles they must solve, and obstacles they have to do in order to win a prize! This keeps the kid’s active to switch it up from watching television. A third thing I have the kids do to keep them occupied is we will all bake a dessert! This is a fun one because usually I pick something that we can decorate after such as a cake, cupcakes, or sugar cookies. Besides not getting to play outside, my kids love rainy days!

On rainy days, I usually start with doing mom stuff such as clean around the house, make things tidy, fold clothes, etc. After I get all my chores out of the way and the kids are occupied, I love to do a little online shopping to see if there are any deals! Sometimes instead of the online shopping I will find an at home workout on YouTube that I can do for about 45 minutes or so. I also like to sit by a window and start a new book if I have some quite time.

On rainy days, I usually have some extra time on my hands, so I try to cook something that is a little more time consuming or something new! Lastly, if the kids are at school, I like to take a spa day and go get a massage. Overall, rainy days are not too bad anymore!

Something that my kids came up with and love to do is take a Penless sticker, record a video, and give it to me to put on my mirror! At my house, I have all the different designs of the Penless stickers so my kids can have a variety to choose from! Not only is this one of their favorite things to do but it lets them be creative as well!



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