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The Chocolate Factory

Chocolate comes in all different flavors but the basics are milk chocolate and dark chocolate (personally, I prefer dark). Some may think white chocolate  is a basic flavor as well, but it is up for debate whether or not it is actually classified as chocolate. Chocolate comes in a million unique flavors, any flavor you can think of, there is a chocolate for it. Sometimes chocolate is portrayed as unhealthy, but that is not necessarily true. Of course some chocolates are sugar infused, but dark chocolate is actually healthy for you.


Some of the most unique flavors I have come across are: Matcha, chai, bacon, and pigs blood chocolate. I know there are numerous other unique flavors out there, but these are just a few! My husband surprised me and the kids by taking us to a chocolate factory and I was amazed by all the different shapes, sizes, types, and flavors! My kids posed for all the Penless videos and pictures I was taking of them, mainly by stuffing as many chocolate squares in their mouth as they can at one time. We all get a good laugh when looking back at the videos and pictures we took that that day. Thanks to Penless, my Aunt Courtney in Ohio got to see all the fun that day even when she is a few states away!


Research shows that the darker the chocolate (more percent cocoa) the more healthy it is! Dark chocolate is proven to reduce heart disease risk, lower blood pressure, improve blood flow, and it is an overall great source of antioxidants! These are just a few of the many health benefits that dark chocolate offers. While on the tour to the chocolate factory, our tour guide explained to us everything there is to know about chocolate as well as the long history behind it.


Over 4,000 years ago, Mesoamericans discovered a sweet treat known as chocolate. Chocolate originates from cacao plants in Central America. As many things in ancient history, chocolate was a symbol of wealth. As my husband and I were fascinated by all this information, my kids main focus was where their next chocolate square is coming from and what flavor.


At the end of the day, we all got some free chocolates to go which never made it back to the house. I also went to the chocolate gift shop where I bought a few boxes of chocolate for my friends and family back home. I made sure to attach a Penless sticker to each bag of chocolate to hopefully inspire them to visit a chocolate factory one day! I would definitely recommend it to any chocolate lover who has an hour or so of free time and wants to make some sweet memories. I know I did!


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