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Spilling Tea with Penless


As a full-time student, I have relied on caffeine to get through the day quite a bit. The first two years of college I drank coffee because that’s what everyone was doing. I grew tired of having coffee everyday rather quickly, but I knew I needed something. One day I went to the usual coffee shop my friends and I go to before our morning classes and they were advertising their new menu item: tea .


They had so many new flavors, but I decided to get the honey mint green tea. After taking my first sip, I knew that my whole morning routine has changed! Tea is my new go-to early morning drink. The next few times I went to the local coffee shop, well coffee and tea shop now, I kept trying new flavors to see which ones I liked best.

My friends who go to other universities, have the same problem of getting tired of their usual morning cups of joe. Last time I went to get tea, I brought along some Penless stickers to share my life changing drink order with my friends. They all were very interested in my new way to caffeinate for the day so they gave it a try. Most of them had the same experience I had, they fell in love with tea just like me!


One day I ordered an extra cup of tea to surprise my roommate. I attached a Penless sticker on the cup and once she would scanned it, she saw a video of me saying “This is for a quali-tea friend!” She ended up really liking the tea but liked the video even more. She said that not only did the thought of bringing her tea make her happy but the video definitely made her day.


I was so excited that she liked the Penless sticker I put on the cup so I gave her a few to try out. She made so many videos and attached them to Penless stickers to send back home to her family! Little did I know, she ended up buying Penless stickers in all different designs! She  bought me a cup of tea the next day with a Penless sticker attached and it said, “Hey! Thanks for helping me join the Penless communi-tea!” Now that is my cup of tea!

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