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Graduation Party


Graduation time can be filled with a range of emotions.  No matter if it is moving onto junior high, high school, or finishing college, graduation is always filled with bitter/sweet emotions.  Not only for the person graduating, but for the friends and family as well. In fact, the family may also be dealing with the stress of throwing a graduation party and making sure everything goes right.  I remember getting preparations for my son’s grad party and we went about the invitations in a pretty unique way.  We didn’t just want to send out normal invitations by cards, we wanted to add a little something.  Our family used the Penless graduation stickers and we attached a video to all of the invitations.  Closer family and friends received their own customized videos which they loved and we got tons of feedback from people loving the idea! The graduation party was a success and most of the bitter/sweet feelings turned to pure sweetness.  We had a lot of people telling us that they were going to steal the Penless sticker ideas for their own parties.


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