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Descanso Gardens


Descanso Gardens is a place where you can find natural beauty year-round with astonishing seasonal horticultural displays and internationally renowned botanical collections. Descanso Gardens is considered a museum of living collections by the American Alliance of Museums. Annually there are around 500,000 visitors from all over to check out the beauty this museum has to offer. Descanso Garden offers a principal collection that includes California native plants and oak woodlands.


Descanso Gardens is a tale that unfolds over centuries. From the tribal people who relied on generous oaks for food and their way of life to the 20th century entrepreneur who sowed the seeds of a cultural institution. The most recent chapter of the “museum of living collections” is the rich history of the landscape. The Descanso Gardens remains an oasis of charm.

Descanso Gardens always has something to offer no matter what time of year you visit. Spring bloom offers colorful flowers where winter offers gorgeous camellias. Enchanted: Forest of Light  is offered once a year starting in November. This enchanted forest is a mile-long interactive walk through the unique lighting experiences in some of the most loved areas of the Descanso Gardens. The remarkable oaks and live music is offered all year round. Descanso Gardens website is where you can check out what is blooming in the different months.


It is always fun to share your experience with friends and family. Luckily, Penless can help! Penless offers stickers, post cards, greeting cards, and more to share your experience. When I went to Descanso Gardens with my mom, sister, and two nieces we wanted to share our experience with our other family members. We took pictures of the beautiful flowers and videos of what the garden had to offer. We gifted my father a succulent that my mom picked out from the gift store. We attached a cactus Penless sticker to the succulent with a video message of the garden.


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