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It’s Just a Matter of Wine

Nothing is better than a glass of red wine before bed. Not only is it filled with antioxidants, it reduces risks of strokes, diabetes, heart disease, and certain types of cancer. I never thought I would be one to drink a glass of wine every night until my friend gifted me a bottle of it for my birthday. She attached a Penless wine tag to it which had a video note attached it. Prior, I have mentioned to her that I have had trouble relaxing at night. On this video message she explained how pouring myself a glass of wine before I go to bed will help me fall asleep as well as provide me with a vast amount of health benefits. Wine was never my favorite drink but I was convinced it would help. After a week or so of drinking red wine every night, I began to notice that it actually worked! I also have developed a liking for wine that I never knew I had. It encouraged me to try other wines as well. Going wine tasting with my friends on the weekends is an activity I really enjoy doing. Recently my friends and I took a trip to Napa, California- the wine country. They had an a wide assortment of wines to choose. Since there are so many wineries, it gives me an excuse to go back. Some of my favorite wineries we went to were: Chimney Rock Winery, Stags’ Leap Winery, and Pine Ridge Vineyards. Chimney Rock Winery had some of the best wines I have ever tasted. It was the first one we went to when we arrived in Napa. It definitely set the bar pretty high for the wineries that followed. Thankfully Stags’ Leap Winery did not let us down. From the outside of this castle-like building, I knew the wine that was inside was going to meet my expectations. And I was not wrong. The delicious wine menu had convinced to buy an extra glass. The last day we went to Pine Ridge Vineyards. The views of Napa that this vineyard provided were breathtaking. It was a perfect way to end the trip. We were even able to catch the sunset while at the vineyard. Taking this beautiful trip up the Napa fulfilled all my expectations and more! Ever since the trip, I have been gifting wine that I bought in Napa and attaching Penelss wine tags to each one with pictures of my wine tasting excursion. My friends and I already booked another trip while on our way back from Napa and I cannot wait for many more wine nights in the future!


P.S. See ya in a week Tuscany, Italy!

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