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Caribbean Vibes

As many parts of the country are either rainy, gloomy or in a deep freeze, it may be just the right time to take a Caribbean vacation.  With the warm, clear waters, white sand beaches and endless sunshine it is probably just the place you are dreaming of right now.  I went last winter to “defrost” and I could not have asked for a better vacation.

With so many islands, and so little time, I had to pick and choose which islands to visit.  I decided on St. Thomas, St. John and St. Kitts.  With the amazingly friendly people of the Caribbean, we enjoyed the shopping and all the delicious restaurants.  We ended each day watching the sun display every color imaginable over the shimmering turquoise waters.  Taking in the sunset each evening made for the perfect end to a perfectly carefree day. This will definitely be a destination I will return to. Whether it is swimming with the stingrays, watching the cliff jumpers put on a show or planting your beach chair in the sand with a tropical drink in hand, the islands are a place everyone can enjoy! I took plenty of videos which I will put onto a VideoDrop and download it into my photobook at home.  My friends I went with love to relive the fun memories with me each time we scan the VideoDrops.

What I wanted and expected was a very relaxing vacation.  Well, this definitely delivered.  The most difficult decision we had to make during our trip was which beach to kick back on and should I order a pina colada or a mojito!  Laying on the beach, sipping drinks out of a coconut, and being surrounded by chilled-out people all day certainly exceeded my expectations.  If I closed my eyes, I could almost hear a Bob Marley or a Jimmy Buffet song playing in the background.

After a week of visiting the islands, I felt like a local island girl.  It took about 10 minutes to kick off my shoes, put that corona in the sand and get into that island lifestyle!


In the Caribbean, the temperature never changes, the sun just goes down – Kris Marshall

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