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The Big Reveal

Nowadays, in addition to having a baby shower, many couples choose to also have a gender reveal party. Baby showers are always nice to give the soon to be mom gifts to help be prepared…or as prepared as possible for the new life that is about to enter the family. But, with a gender reveal, families hold onto revealing the sex of the baby until their friends and family are around and find some unique and fun way of letting them know if a boy or a girl is on the way. Why just say it, when you can reveal it? Some families fill a piñata with blue (boy) or pink (girl) colored powder; others fill a baseball and toss a pitch and once the ball is hit, it explodes and TADA! Reveals are getting more creative by the second, so why not get creative about the invitations?

Thanks to the Penless app this can be done in a fun and unique way!  Penless has many cute baby stickers that are available to put on invitations and one can customize invitation videos however they’d like.  The nice thing is that all invitations can be the same video or people can choose to mix it up depending on who they are sending it out to.  Now the fun starts even before the party begins!

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