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Start a Conversation on a Cup and make a Memory

I think coffee is one of Mother Nature’s gifts to humanity.  If you think about it, coffee is a global phenomenon.  For some, it is an experience.  For others, it is a lifestyle.  It also supports economies all over the world.  I mean coffee really is an amazing thing.  Coffee is experienced by people from many aspects of their lives, from the growers to the producers to the distributors to the retailers to the consumers.  We are all connected by the simple bean.


I grew up in Colorado surrounded by a household of coffee drinkers.  Even though I have long left Colorado for the California Coast, the smell of coffee brings back  vivid memories of my childhood home.  As High Jackman once said, “the smell of fresh-made coffee is one of the greatest inventions.”


Starbucks has picked up on this coffee thing long ago.  They changed the way people think about coffee.  The CEO of Starbucks has said, “Starbucks represents something beyond a cup of coffee.”  They have engaged consumers, not just with coffee but with a whole host of issues that matter to them.  They start a lot of conversations.


Next time you get a cup of coffee, grab a cup for a friend.  Putting a VideoDrop sticker on the cup with a video will make that cup of coffee memorable. Penless has so many VideoDrops to choose from.  Definitely something for everyone!

Coffee is a language in itself” – Jackie Chan

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