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Days worth Remembering

End of an Era


A bittersweet goodbye and a start of a new chapter in their lives. Graduation time can be filled with a range of emotions – not only for the graduate but also for family members. Whether it is graduating from high school or getting a college degree, it is an accomplishment to celebrate. High School proms, Spring Break and Graduation are all a rite of passage for young adults. It is a culmination of years of late night study sessions and hard work.  A time to don the tassels and gowns. Capture this big milestone on video as your graduate receives their diploma.



Beginning of a Memory


My nephew has been looking forward to graduation since freshman year (or so he says). Now that he is a  senior, I am so excited to see him start the new journey in his life.  Going to an out of state college and living away from home will be a time in his life to make new memories. He will have a unique path where life will take him.  The exciting new possibilities are endless.


Help graduates remember all the fun times by putting VideoDrops on cards, gifts or even in yearbooks.  Think of all the memories we have on our phones.  Being able to relive the game winning touchdown or the last-minute goal again and again by attaching our videos to themed VideoDrop stickers will be memories to look back on through the years.


You made it through – class of 2022 🎓



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