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Off to College!

Have your kids or someone you know ever wonder what college would be like?  I have a niece that will be a freshman at Boise State next year and is getting some pre-college jitters about her first year and living so far away from home.


Managing her time will allow her to have a much smoother transition and make this life change a bit less intimidating.  For some, this is a transition from living with your parents to making decisions about your future on your own.  Yes, you will have a lot more freedom, but with that comes responsibility.  You won’t be told when to study or be told to get to class.  If this sounds pretty great, that’s because it absolutely is!  BUT, then comes the exams.  It may seem like 90% of the exam is always based on the 1 lecture that you missed and the 1 topic that you didn’t understand.  📚


Differences between High School and College


  • High school: You have to live with your parents

College: You get to live with your friends


  • High school: Everyone is required to be there

College: Everyone wants to be there


  • High school: You know everyone in your class

College: You’re lucky to know one person in your class


  • High school: Books are provided at little or no cost

College: Textbooks cost a small fortune


  • High school: You wrote notes to friends

College: You take notes for yourself


  • High school: You’re stuck with a set social hierarchy

College: You get to choose who you spend time around


  • High school: You have adults telling you what’s expected of you

College: It’s just expected


Keeping connected 😊


One thing that will help my niece when she is away is all the Penless products. This will allow her family to send gifts with cute stickers and a message from home.  She can also upload videos and send VideoDrop stickers on notes back to her family.  What a fun and easy way to stay close when away!!

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