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Exploring Lake Tahoe🌲

Playground for all seasons 🌄


From the changing of the leaves, to the snow, to the hot summer days, Lake Tahoe is a postcard-worthy playground for all seasons. In the summer there are promising beaches with lake activities to enjoy.  Top-notch restaurants surround parts of the water as well as luxury spas with the shimmering turquoise lake being the center of attention.  In the winter, Lake Tahoe is an epic sight to see. With its snow blanketed mountainsides and unreal views, it has become a favorite among skiers and snowboarders.


Vikingsholm Castle

Located on the shore of Emerald Bay stands Vikingsholm Castle.  During the summer months, guided tours are available of this historic landmark.  Noted for its outstanding architecture and spectacular location, this Scandinavian inspired castle started construction in 1928.  Take a tour and go back in time to experience the unhurried atmosphere that surrounded this amazing property.


Activities 🌞

If you are an adrenaline junkie or just want to paddleboard off into the sunset, Lake Tahoe has an endless amount of activities. With its crystal-clear waters and more fish than you can imagine, you can make any day a catch! On a boat, on the white sandy beaches, or on a trail through the pine trees, being outside is the best way to experience the sheer beauty this destination has to offer🌲


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