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Free shipping on orders $60+ or half off shipping on orders $30+.

If the Thread Fits🧵

During the days of working from home and online schooling, I have found that having a household full of people all day long can sometimes be a challenge. I quickly realized I needed at least an hour a day to myself, as not to go completely crazy.  I decided to take up a new hobby

Good Wine, Good Friends🍷

Awww!! Napa Valley😊 Between the rolling, sundrenched hills to pairing my favorite Cabernet with chocolate, this wine paradise is a breath of fresh air.  A time to recharge my senses.  There is something for everyone in Napa – from the farmers markets, concerts, wine tours and winemaker dinners to just kicking back on an Adirondack

Exploring Lake Tahoe🌲

Playground for all seasons 🌄   From the changing of the leaves, to the snow, to the hot summer days, Lake Tahoe is a postcard-worthy playground for all seasons. In the summer there are promising beaches with lake activities to enjoy.  Top-notch restaurants surround parts of the water as well as luxury spas with the