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Jim Morgan

Because Gifting was Meant to be Personal

“Oh my gosh!” That is the reaction I am looking for when I give a gift.  And with Penless, I get that all the time.   Modern gift giving has become a series of impersonal actions such as a gift card and the e–card.  Of course, they are really convenient, but is it memorable?  I

Keep your toes in the sand!

Coronado is known for the grand Victorian Hotel del Coronado and all the famous people that have stayed there. Coronado is a California beach resort located on a peninsula in San Diego Bay. It first opened over a hundred years ago in 1888. Opening so long ago, there is bound to be a haunting story,


Happy Mother’s Day! Every year for Mother’s Day, my wife and I send out a Penless message to all our friends that are mothers to wish them a happy Mother’s Day.  It is a tradition that we head down to the beach for brunch and walk along the coast. We always remake the same video

Discovering Catalina Island

Catalina Island is one of our favorite weekend destinations for adventure and entertainment.  It is about an hour boat ride from SoCal and once you get there, it is so small that you do not need a car to get around.  Even though it is a small downtown, there is a lot to do on

Where to ROME in the Eternal City

They say Rome is the eternal city. This historic place is home to the world famous Colosseum and ancient art. Millions of people each year step foot through the legendary landmarks, churches, and museums of this densely populated city. After my cousin went to Rome, I virtually got to see this city through the Penless

Christmas Traditions

Christmas Day is finally here!  Many homes have had Christmas trees and other decorations in the weeks leading up to today.  It is a time when children get excited to get presents from Santa and cards are sent prior to Christmas day.  It is a day where traditions and customs have been around for centuries.

Perfect for any Occasion

  With the holidays approaching I cannot think of a better way of adding some personal touch to my gifts this year than with Penless.  Penless is especially perfect for this time of year.  No matter what holiday you are celebrating there are many different products and categories that Penless has to offer.  It can

Getting into the Halloween Spirit

Well, it’s that time of the year again. Halloween is fast approaching. The leaves are turning colors, we are unpacking our sweaters and scarves for the cooler weather, and carving what we believe will be the best jack-o-lantern ever.  Soon, children all over the country will be going door-to-door  filling their baskets with candy while

The “Coolest” Place in the Desert

Once you head about 100 miles east out of Los Angeles and see the outlet malls and casinos dim in the rearview mirror, you will be close to a desert oasis unlike any other.  That last stretch of California Highway 111 hasn’t changed much in the 50 years since Hollywood occupied Palm Springs, since Frank

The Grandest of Canyons

Taking trips to go see new places and go on new adventures is something that just about everybody enjoys doing.  Once place that is common to tourists and people who are big time adventurers is the Grand Canyon.  Known to be one of the seven wonders of the natural world the Grand Canyon is located