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Kiana Walker

Add Video to your Morning Brew

Coffee first…Everything else can wait. ☕ If you think coffee is one of Mother Nature’s gifts to humanity, well you are not alone.  This global phenomenon is not only an experience for your senses but a lifestyle.  I’ve come to find out that making someone’s day could be as simple as buying them a cup

Keep your toes in the Sand

There is something in the sea air that just makes you happy. With some of the best weather in the country, Coronado is a resort destination for a perfect beachy escape any time of the year.  The atmosphere is a mix of relaxed and up-scale with so many fun things to do.   Fun things

It’s Just a Matter of Wine

  If you have opened one too many bottles of wine at a dinner party and ended up with multiple open bottles, there are things you can do. If you don’t think you will finish it before it turns flat or bitter, you have options before pouring it down the drain.   Turn wine leftover

A Spectacle of Lights

It may be an effort to see the Northern Lights, but it is well worth it. It is an experience of a lifetime! Seeing the colorful lights flicker across the sky is on the bucket list of many. What causes this phenomenon, what is the best place and the best time to experience it, and

Celebrating Special Mom-ents

There is one job where you do not need experience or a degree. The salary is non-existent, no paid benefits, and the hours are non-negotiable. Good news is that you have the job for life. There are about 85 million women who have this job in America. This job, of course, is being a mom.

The Big Reveal

Nowadays, in addition to having a baby shower, many couples choose to also have a gender reveal party. Baby showers are always nice to give the soon to be mom gifts to help be prepared…or as prepared as possible for the new life that is about to enter the family. But, with a gender reveal,

Caribbean Vibes

As many parts of the country are either rainy, gloomy or in a deep freeze, it may be just the right time to take a Caribbean vacation.  With the warm, clear waters, white sand beaches and endless sunshine it is probably just the place you are dreaming of right now.  I went last winter to

A Holiday Surprise

Just about everyone looks forward to the holiday season.  No matter what holiday you celebrate this season, there just seems to be a different type of energy in the air.  The holiday season just seems to bring out the kid in all of us, and moods just seem to be in higher spirits.  Our family

But for….

Ever since we were little, we were always told it is better to give than to receive. Well, let’s face it, who doesn’t love to receive gifts? The gift giving and receiving season is upon us. Let’s make it easy for our friends and family to shop for us this year and buy us that

Make your Penless Wish List come true

With three young kids all having their own complex wish lists which always seem to get lost, Christmas shopping is never a stress-free experience. With all the lines at the mall when you wait till the last minute to fill the empty space under the Christmas tree, it seems as though you can never find