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Pamela Brown

Get Hoppin’ with VideoDrop 🐰

Epic Egg Hunt 🌷   As kids, many of us remember waking up early to see what the Easter Bunny left us 🐰  Sure, it wasn’t as cool as Christmas with Santa, but a close second.  This year the Easter Egg Baskets that I am making for my nieces and nephews are getting touched up

The Luck of the Irish🍀

  The luck of the Irish is upon us🍀It is time to think of leprechauns, pick your four leaf clover for good luck and drink green beer. The Wee Little Leprechaun How did this little guy become so popular?  Legend has it, if you would capture the leprechaun, he will grant you three wishes if

Take the Scenic Route🌳

The Great Outdoors🌞   If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you know there are lots of cool stuff outside your community. Grabbing a friend and heading out to the trails is a wonderful way to experience the great outdoors. We have all heard the saying “it is the journey, not the destination”.  Well, with hiking,

💗 Tasty Valentine Treats 💗

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, why settle for a box of store bought chocolates when you can bake something made with love. A big heart shaped cake or cookie with a short love note such as “ILY” or “I’m yours” will make your Valentine fall head over heals for you all over again

Making Mammoth Memorable❄️

Each year during the holidays, I get a week off to enjoy the season with my friends and family. During my week break, I take a trip to California for a family reunion. All my siblings love to ski or snowboard. As a skiing enthusiast myself, I always look for the best places to hit

Autumn Leaves, Cinnamon Candles and the Calm before the Holiday Season🍂

Autumn Skies and Pumpkin Pies Once again, summer has morphed into autumn.  To me, Fall is the best season.  There are many reasons I love this season.  The weather is changing, I can now go outside without slathering on sunscreen, the leaves are turning colors, football is finally here, and the holidays are just around

The Colors of Fall 🍂

As the temperature cools and the air turns crisp, there is a brilliance of colors that develop over the Autumn foliage 🍂The blaze of orange to cinnamon red fill the landscape.  It is officially sweater weather. Fall is a time for warm, rich colors and their hues have associated emotions.  Here are a few that you

Where to ROME in the Eternal City

The Eternal City ✨ They say Rome is the eternal city. This historic place is home to ancient wonders, old world charm and of course gorgeous fashion and design. Millions of people each year step foot through the legendary landmarks, churches, and museums of this densely populated city. After my cousin went to Rome, I

Celebrating Special Mom-ents🌺

There is one job where you do not need experience or a degree. The salary is non-existent, no paid benefits, and the hours are non-negotiable. It is possibly the toughest job in the world. Good news is that you have the job for life. There are about 85 million women who have this job in

Better Latte than Never

Coffee – A Magical Brew ☕ Whether you rely on enough sleep or a boost of caffeine to start your day, that first sip of coffee has definitely tempted me a few times (or maybe a few thousand times).  It is my morning ritual.  Coffee is the magical brew that gets my morning started and

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