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Free shipping on orders $60+ or half off shipping on orders $30+.


PAWSibilities of Cats

PAWSibilities of Cats Ever since my girlfriend got a cat, her phone (like many other cat owners) is full of pictures and videos of her new furry feline. I want to be as welcoming to this new addition to the family as possible, but there still seems to be a little tension between the cat

Better Latte than Never

Coffee – A Magical Brew ☕ Whether you rely on enough sleep or a boost of caffeine to start your day, that first sip of coffee has definitely tempted me a few times (or maybe a few thousand times).  It is my morning ritual.  Coffee is the magical brew that gets my morning started and

History Alive in Stone🌲

Experiencing The Hills Whether you are looking for beautiful scenery, epic hikes, amazing wildlife, or history alive in stone, the Black Hills of South Dakota will not disappoint🌲 It may seem like an underrated vacation destination but it will be one to tuck into your memory book. The history of this area ranges from prehistoric

Christmas Cheer is Here🎄

Christmas time is upon us. Whether you are baking holiday goodies, watching a classic holiday movie or stringing lights on the tree, this time of the year definitely lives up to it’s name as being the most wonderful time of the year.   Baking Do holiday calories really count? I mean really?? It’s the holidays.

Making your Holiday Shopping Stress Free🎁

With three kids at home, all having their own complex wish list, which always seems to get lost, holiday shopping is never a stress free experience.  With all the pushing and shoving at the mall when you wait till the last minute to fill the empty space under the tree, it seems as though you

Autumn Leaves, Cinnamon Candles and the Calm before the Holiday Season🍂

Once again, summer has morphed into autumn.  To me, Fall is the best season.  There are many reasons I love this season.  The weather is changing, I can now go outside without slathering on sunscreen, the leaves are turning colors, football is finally here, and the holidays are just around the corner (without all the

Get Some Vitamin Sea

 Catalina Island 🌴 Catalina Island is one of our favorite weekend destinations for adventure and entertainment.  Our vacation begins even before we get to the island as we board a boat for a one hour ride on the beautiful, blue Pacific. Seeing Catalina from the top of the boat, we know this will be the

Wine a little, Laugh a lot

Temecula Back in late October, my husband and I took a weekend getaway to the hillside town of Temecula. With its award-winning wineries and great restaurants, Temecula is the perfect resort destination. We went during the end of Harvest Season.  Harvest – or “crush” as it is sometimes called- usually falls between August and October.

Marking the End of Summer

LABOR DAY The days are getting shorter, football season is underway, the kids are back in school and the Labor Day weekend is here.  To some, this may mean the “unofficial end of summer” or a time to score great deals on patio furniture. Although these are both true, the meaning of Labor Day may

Add Video to your Morning Brew

Coffee first…Everything else can wait. ☕ If you think coffee is one of Mother Nature’s gifts to humanity, well you are not alone.  This global phenomenon is not only an experience for your senses but a lifestyle.  I’ve come to find out that making someone’s day could be as simple as buying them a cup