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Jessica Walker

Dad’s Special Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner.  It is a day to honor and celebrate the fathers in our lives who put their families first.  If you are stumped on what to get your dad this year, here are a few suggestions for different types of dads:   For the dad who loves hiking Yeti

Creative B-Day Invites

I have twin nephews who just turned 4 years old and they had an absolute blast at their birthday party.  Throughout their terrible 2’s (and 3’s), I discovered just how much they enjoyed making videos and being goofy with one another.  We were busy thinking of ideas for the party and picking out the cake

Penless Meets the Golden Coast

One of my favorite things to do is to grab my surfboard and head to the beach. This summer my boyfriend and I are taking a classic road trip up California’s Highway one along the coast. It will consist of lots of food, lots of surfing, and of course, lots of pictures. The majority of

Red or White

Temecula Valley in Southern California is about 90 miles from where I live. It is located between San Diego and Los Angeles.  With its award-winning wineries, great restaurants, and activities such as hiking and hot air balloon rides,  it makes for the perfect weekend getaway. There are about 40 wineries in Temecula to visit in the

Our Four-Legged Furry Friends

Dogs have been constant companions in our lives.  From the tiniest Chihuahua to the enormous Great Dane, dogs are an incredibly diverse species.  Man’s best friend and furry family member provide us with affection and unconditional love.   There are many benefits to owning a dog.  For example, just petting a dog has been shown

Swirl, Sip, Savor

Back in late October, my husband and I took a weekend getaway to the hillside town of Temecula.  With its award-winning wineries and great restaurants, Temecula is the perfect resort destination. We went during the end of Harvest Season.  Harvest – or “crush” as it is sometimes called- usually falls between August and October.  

Spring has Sprung

Yay! Spring is finally here. For most of us, it is time to pack away those scarves and gloves and find our sandals. From spring cleaning to planting our favorite flowers, spring is the perfect season to do activities before the hot summer. Along with the season of spring comes longer hours of daylight. This

For the Love of Books

I am a bigtime bookworm.  This may sound weird to most, but I would rather pick up a good book than turn on Netflix.  I know I am in the minority by saying something like that, but I have a few friends that can say the same.  I’m even involved in small book clubs that

It’s the Little Things that Count

I believe that everyone needs something to help keep them motivated and moving forward daily.   My boyfriend is such a huge help to me when I get over-obsessed with my routines. He says that I am so busy frantically working that I forget to stop every once in a while and enjoy the little

Making your Gift Memorable

Like many of us, I always buy gifts for my relatives on Valentine’s Day.  I can always find the perfect gift, but I cannot always wrap the perfect gift.  I can never seem to get the wrapping quite right. Usually it ends up as a wrapping fail.  Where to cut, where to crease?  It shouldn’t